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You and Your Partner’s Health is the Foundation for Your Healthy Baby

At Tru Health Medicine, we know every couple is different. Conceiving is not always simple. Carrying a baby to term is not easy. And, giving birth to a healthy new born isn’t a given. For many couples having a baby takes highly specialized medical help.

This is why at Tru Health we carefully tailor each fertility treatment to your individual needs. Using research-based treatment solutions, our naturopathic doctors help you and your partner naturally conceive a healthy baby and carry it full-term. Our approach is thorough, compassionate, and effective.

Our Approach To Fertility

We know fertility isn’t always as simple as the birds and the bees. This is why our goal goes beyond conception. We’re dedicated to helping maximize the health of your baby.

Our approach begins with identifying and treating the underlying cause. Because problems conceiving are often a symptom of a bigger health issue or issues. These issues might include inflammation, immune reactions, and exposure to environmental toxins.

During your initial consultation, we’ll evaluate your medical history and order any necessary laboratory tests to identify what’s keeping you from conceiving.

Our naturopathic doctors use a unique fertility program that combines fertility diagnostics with natural treatments to restore your reproductive health. During these treatments you may be prescribed a potent dose of high-quality supplements. These supplements have been clinically proven to enhance fertility.

Additionally, a Tru Health Naturopathic doctor may recommend dietary and lifestyle modifications to boost your body’s health. We frequently guide couples through relaxation techniques to enhance their overall sense of well-being. And, when appropriate, we incorporate therapeutic interventions, such as Holistic Pelvic Care™ to rebalance a woman’s pelvis muscles.

Through our clinical experience and research, we’ve seen your fecundity (the ability to get pregnant and stay pregnant) takes time and patience. In order to maximize your potential to have a healthy baby, we ask our patients to dedicate a minimum of four months.

Tru Health Fertility Programs

Our fertility programs range from pre-conception care, supportive pregnancy care, and postpartum care.

Pre-Conception Planning

At Tru Health Medicine we believe there’s no greater gift for your child than good health. Yet, good health doesn’t begin at conception or birth. It begins before you even start trying. Any toxins, hormonal imbalances or immune system issues can be passed onto your baby. To protect your child, we recommend couples begin a preconception program at least 3 months before they try and conceive.

Supportive Pregnancy Care

During pregnancy your body is under an immense amount of stress. This can lead to everything from nausea and indigestion to constipation and fatigue. The supportive pregnancy care of our naturopathic doctors helps mitigate these symptoms while maintaining your overall health. This supportive pregnancy care works in conjunction with your obstetrician or midwife until the day of delivery.

Ongoing Post-Partum Assistance

After birth the changes and immense strain placed on your body can wipe you out. It’s not uncommon for new mothers to suffer from post-partum depression, anxiety, fatigue, and/or low breast milk supply. Our post-partum assistance program offers natural, holistic help. Treatments may include clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and/or Holistic Pelvic Care™.

Who Benefits From Preconception and Fertility Counseling?

Women who have:

  • Regular or irregular menstrual cycles (this includes women who have anovulatory cycles, which is varying degrees of blood flow and inconsistent ovulation)
  • Hormonal imbalances (this includes PCOS)
  • Early menopause
  • Previous miscarriages
  • Outlying health concerns
  • Endometriosis, fibroids, cysts
  • Difficulty conceiving in the past
  • Luteal phase defect

Men who have:

  • A low sperm count
  • Morphology issues
  • Suffer from prostate problems
  • Suffer from erectile dysfunction
  • Difficulty conceiving in the past
  • Outlying health concerns

Treatment Goals for Preconception and Fertility Counseling

Treatment goals for preconception and fertility counseling are determined by your goals as a couple. These might include:

  • Conceiving
  • Regulating your menstrual cycle
  • Improving quality of oocytes
  • Improving ovarian function
  • blood flow to ovaries and uterus
  • Correcting immune system deficiencies
  • Improving your body’s ability to handle stress
  • Increasing sperm count
  • Reducing the likelihood of miscarriage
  • Improving your overall health and well-being

Let’s Plan For Your Baby’s Health

Whether you are looking for a natural alternative to conventional fertility treatments or supplemental program to what your allopathic doctor is prescribing, Tru Health Medicine can help you start creating the family you’ve always dreamed of having.

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