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Surgery-Free Knee Pain Relief

Prolotherapy helps naturally stimulate your body’s healing process and reduce your pain.

Knee pain is often due to common injuries that strain the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and tissues surrounding your knee. These elements are crucial to you knee’s stability. When they don’t function properly it can reduce your range of motion, limit your daily activity, and cause serious discomfort.

Prolotherapy naturally stimulates the healing process, helping to strengthen your connective tissues and joints. This treatment plan does not mask your knee pain with corticosteroid shots or pain medications. Nor does it require invasive surgery. Rather, our doctors use a holistic process that helps your knee heal quickly and safely.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury (ACL) is one of the most common knee injury in the United States. It is often sustained while pivoting during activities such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball. A torn or strained ACL can limit your ability to decelerate, pivot, and balance.

ACL injuries can cause a lingering knee pain when they don’t heal properly. This is often due to poor blood supply within the ligament. Prolotherapy helps stimulate the blood flow naturally, allowing your knee to heal.

Medial Collateral Sprain

Medial Collateral Sprains (MCL) is also a common knee injury. It is typically caused when the knee is struck by a significant force while partially flexed and externally rotated. With an MCL injury there is typically knee pain and swelling that will occur within the first few hours. Prolotherapy helps reduce swelling while maintaining a healthy blood flow to the area. This promotes a natural healing process.

Coronary Ligament Sprain

Coronary Ligaments are a small, but mighty, support system. They hold the outside edge of your meniscus to the tibial plateau. Despite being commonly injured, they are often undiagnosed. This leads to knee pain and compensations. Prolotherapy can effectively treat these injuries, helping to restore your body’s full range of motion.

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