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Non-Invasive Shoulder Pain Relief

Prolotherapy naturally stimulates the healing process to reduce your shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain is typically caused when the ligaments, tendons, and tissues surrounding your shoulder are strained. This can limit your range of motion and even cause “frozen shoulder,” a syndrome in which you are unable to move your shoulder.

Prolotherapy offers a surgery-free and non-invasive treatment. Using a holistic treatment, our naturopathic doctors help restore proper blood flow to the area and stimulate the healing process.

Reduce Pain

Prolotherapy helps your body regain its full range of motion. This can improve your joints’ health and reduce pain. You’ll typically enjoy an increased tolerance for exercise and overall improvement in your athletic performance.

Injury Prevention

Poor blood flow can keep injuries from healing correctly. Even with prolonged rest, ligaments and tissues can remain weak, resulting in instability and frequent reinjury. Prolotherapy helps strengthen these tissues to speed recovery and prevent further injury.

Increase Mobility

Raising your arms over your head shouldn’t cause shoulder pain. When it does, it can force you to avoid activities you enjoy and seriously hamper your daily lifestyle. Prolotherapy doesn’t mask your shoulder pain with corticosteroid shots or pain medications. It helps your shoulder mobility return naturally.

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