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Our IV Drip treatments quickly and easily revitalize your body with the nutrients you desperately need to change your normal from carpe nothing to capre diem.

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Don’t let the business of living keep you from the healthy body you deserve. IV Drip therapy lets your health keep up with your schedule.

Being able to get the IV Drip quickly was a major reason why I was able to do it. Convenience really made a big difference for me.

Lang, A. – Santa Rosa, CA

I really didn’t think it was possible to feel good again. All of my problems are gone…[I was] surprised how quickly I started feeling better.

Sullivan, J. – Santa Rosa, CA

A completely different experience of healthcare! No long wait times, the doctors are thorough and ask all the right questions.

Madison, F. – Mill Valley, CA

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We are here to help you find a healthier lifestyle you can maintain and enjoy. Our naturopathic doctors provide you with the tools and support to achieve your goals. Don't just take our word for it, hear what our patients are saying.

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Why IV Drip?

IV Drip therapy lets your health and body keep up with your busy life.

For decades, celebrities, professional athletes, and top executives have used drip therapy to ensure their bodies are in peak condition. With IV therapy, your body quickly and easily gets the key minerals and vitamins it needs. This allows you to fight signs of aging, boost weight loss, increase your energy, improve your recovery time, help to prevent illness and more.

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  • Client coffee date
  • Don’t forget the kid’s at school
  • Remember to call mom
  • Finish employee reviews
  • Zumba

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Our IV Drip Treatments

Quick IV Drips

The fast boost to your healthier body.

Make sure your body can keep up with your busy life. Our Quick IV Drip menu offers fast treatment options to restore the nutrients your body needs most. By working with our highly skilled naturopathic doctors, you’ll be able to tailor your drips to meet your specific goals.

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B12 Injections

Quickly improve your energy levels.

Prepare your body to face the day and save with B12 “Happy Hour” prices all day long. B12 vitamin deficiencies can cause you to feel fatigued and gain weight. With a B12 injection, you can increase your stamina and improve your metabolism.

Learn more about B12 Injections

Slow IV Drips

Pamper your body with a comprehensive cocktail of vitamins and minerals.

Our Slow IV Drip menu features carefully tailored combinations for the ultimate in rejuvenation. Each drip therapy offers a long-lasting power punch that can help you lose weight, boost your immune system, and fight signs of aging.

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About Tru Health Medicine

Your IV drip therapy is administered at Tru Health by our highly skilled doctors and clinic staff.

Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in nutrition and naturopathic medicine. We provided cutting edge holistic, integrative and naturopathic treatments to help patients thrive. Conveniently location in Santa Rosa, California, our clinic specializes in supporting each patient’s individual needs, naturally.

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Running on empty doesn’t have to be your status quo. Contact Tru Health to start living healthy and feeling empowered to meet your day.

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I had been working really hard for several months with a new merger and felt worn down. I looked for a sort of bio-hack to turn things around the fast way and the IV therapy did the trick for me.

I rely on the Meyer’s IV every week to keep me in tip top shape and to give me the competitive edge I need.