Discover How Great Life is When You’re Fatigue Free

Optimizing your B12 levels allows your body to fight chronic fatigue.

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Start Feeling Energized Immediately

Patients have reported feeling better as quickly as five minutes after their first B12 injection. As a natural immune booster, it can help your body ward off sickness and feel energized.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can cause individuals to suffer from a wide range of unpleasant symptoms including short-term memory loss, inability to feel refreshed after sleeping, headaches, muscle and joint swelling, and more. For many individuals suffering from CFS, B12 vitamin injections have been the key to reducing or eliminating their symptoms.

Professionally Administered B12 Injections

We believe everyone should have easy and affordable access to B12 Vitamin injections and their benefits. Our clinic always makes sure your B12 injections are medically necessary to improve your health. This is why all of our B12 injections are administered on a by-appointment basis, Monday through Friday. Additionally, each of our patients receives a free consultation. This allows us establish a baseline for where your body is now, clearly define your long-term health goals, and develop a clear plan to achieve them.

At Tru Health, our Integrative Medicine Doctors are dedicated to helping you achieve your optimal health. You do not need to wait for a B12 “Happy Hour” to afford a visit. Our B12 injections are budget friendly, starting at just $10 per B12 injection. They can be received independently or as a booster to your treatment plan.

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Give Your Memory a Boost

When you’re feeling lackluster, it can be hard to remember key details and facts. B12 injections increase energy levels and reduce depression, helping your brain access its full potential.

Not only can B12 deficiencies affect your ability to remember, they can reduce your ability to focus on the task at hand, learn new skills, and complete everyday tasks. By improving your mood and stress tolerance, B12 can help improve the production of neurotransmitters, a vital element to a good state of mind.

Slow the Effects of Aging

B12 vitamin deficiencies can cause you to feel stressed, overstimulated, and overwhelmed. This can lead insomnia and premature aging. With B12 injections, you are able to return your body to its optimal levels and slow the effects of aging.

While a healthy diet can certainly increase your B12 levels, the older we become, the harder it is for our digestive system to process key minerals and nutrients. Injections deliver B12 directly into your bloodstream, offering immediate help.

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