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Start giving your body the nutrients it needs on a schedule that makes sense. Contact Tru Health to determine which IV Drip treatment is right for you.

Being able to get the IV Drip quickly was a major reason why I was able to do it. Convenience really made a big difference for me.

Lang, A. – Santa Rosa, CA

I really didn’t think it was possible to feel good again. All of my problems are gone…[I was] surprised how quickly I started feeling better.

Sullivan, J. – Santa Rosa, CA

A completely different experience of healthcare! No long wait times, the doctors are thorough and ask all the right questions.

Madison, F. – Mill Valley, CA

Vitamin C

Arm your body against common colds with a big dose of natural Vitamin C. Get additional details about the benefits of Vitamin C drips. Formulated with: High doses of vitamin C Price: $135


This anti-aging IV drip helps lighten and brighten you from the inside out, hydrating and smoothing your skin. Formulated with: Concentrated antioxidant glutathione Price: $135

Mineral Repletion

Fortify your body’s natural defenses by restoring the key minerals it needs to be healthy and energized. Formulated with: Power packed mineral support Price: $135

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Give Your Body an Extra Boost

Give your body an anti-aging boost during your quick drip. For only $50, you can add the antioxidant support of Glutathione.

Recharge Me

This Vitamin B cocktail helps fuel your body’s energy so it runs like a well-oiled machine. Formulated with: Vitamin support including 6 of the most essential B vitamins for health Price: $135

Skinny Me

Boost your metabolism and support healthy weight loss with our Skinny Me IV drip. Formulated with: Metabolism boosting vitamins to help promote weight loss Price: $135

Repair Me

Help your body quickly recover with antioxidant powered, energy restoring nutrients. Formulated with: Rapid healing support nutrients such as vitamin C and a combination of other B vitamins Price: $135

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Concierge Services

Maximize your B12 injections by considering our concierge services. You’ll upgrade your health with priority access to our IV Drip treatments, and flexible scheduling.

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