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Our Slow IV Drip menu features a wide spectrum of nutrient and mineral cocktails that supercharge your wellbeing.

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Our Slow IV Drips

Each IV Drip is formulated to meet your body's needs.

I can’t think of a better investment than in your own health, I really can’t

Paulsen, T. – Santa Rosa, CA

I really didn’t think it was possible to feel good again. All of my problems are gone…[I was] surprised how quickly I started feeling better.

Sullivan, J. – Santa Rosa, CA

I haven’t felt this good in 15 years…I finally feel like myself again

Forsyth, S. – Sebastopol, CA

Adrenal Boost

Adrenal fatigue can cause you to have low energy, hormone imbalances, and a metabolism slowdown. Our Adrenal Boost cocktail fights these symptoms with a full spectrum of B vitamins, magnesium, and calcium. Formulated with: A full spectrum of higher concentration, energy promoting vitamins to support repair of adrenal function and fight fatigue Price: $235

Mega Detox

Dangerous free radicals and heavy metals, like lead and mercury, build up in our bodies over time. They can stifle weight loss and lead to chronic problems like hormonal imbalances. Our Mega Detox cocktail helps to facilitate removal of these substances out of your body. Formulated with: Vitamin, mineral, electrolyte mix to help you detoxify and heal Price: $235

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Meyers Cocktail

Boost your immune system and fight chronic problems with a Meyers Cocktail. This natural nutrient cocktail can decrease the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of your illness. Get additional information about the Meyers Cocktail benefits. Formulated with: A mix of vitamins, electrolytes and minerals for restoring vitality Price: $235

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Give Your Body a Support Boost

Give your body an anti-aging boost. For only $50, you can add the antioxidant support of Glutathione to your slow drip.

Revive Me

The common cold can pack a powerful punch. Our Revive Me cocktail delivers a heavy dose of electrolytes to help you recover quickly. Formulated with: Higher concentrations of B vitamins, vitamins and other trace nutrients Price: $235

Ultra Hydrate

Whether it’s from a demanding schedule or a late night, dehydration can cause fatigue and weight gain. Our Ultra Hydrate cocktail hydrates your body while infusing it with electrolytes. Formulated with: Concentrated electrolytes and hydrating cellular nutrients Price: $235

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Replenish Me

Long days at the office? Too many hours chasing kids? Playing hard? It can catch up with you! Our Replenish Me cocktail combines electrolyte hydration with the power of B vitamins to help you feel good as new. (A Glutathione boost can be added to Replenish Me.) Formulated with: Essential vitamins, electrolytes and key nutrients Price: $235

Restore Me

Naturally sharpen your brain performance and supercharge your energy by restoring your body’s key minerals and vitamins. Our Restore Me cocktail boosts your immune system and improves your energy so you can concentrate on what really matters – life. Formulated with: Concentrated B vitamins, magnesium, trace minerals Price: $235

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